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Atlante / What we do

We are developing the largest fast and ultra-fast charging network in Southern Europe, 100% powered by renewables

What we do

We are developing the largest fast and ultra-fast charging network in Southern Europe, 100% powered by renewables, energy storage and PV.
Italy | France | Spain | Portugal


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Partners benefits

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Join the zero-emissions transition – hassle & cost-free

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At Atlante, we have in-house experts from design and delivery, to operations of the stations. We will take care of both the investment and the running costs of each station.

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Add unique value to your site/business

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Provide a seamless and reliable fastcharging experience. EV drivers will love your location!

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Make your site visible to millions of EV drivers

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We are fully open to all EV makes and models and visible to over 2 million users across Europe, through all the main eMSP apps. Plus, Atlante is the preferred network partner of Stellantis group. In a nutshell: we bring new customers to you!

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Choose only the best technology and design

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We are a technology-savvy company, and we only install the best available chargers. We can integrate energy storage and PV panels when required, turning our stations into green energy hubs. Finally, we can make your station unique with our iconic Bertone Design concept.

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Drivers’ benefits

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All our ultra-fast charging stations are powerful enough to deliver the shortest charging sessions: from 15 to 60 minutes charge, depending on the station power, from 60 kW to a maximum of 300 kW.

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Open to all EV models

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We offer a wide range of configurations in terms of charging stations’ power, for current and upcoming EV models.

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Easy to locate

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Our stations are easy to locate and fully interoperable with all the major electric mobility Apps. You can find us on BeCharge, Chargemap, Freshmile, Electromaps, Enel X Way, eSolutions Charging, Miio, Nextcharge, Shell recharge, Google Maps, Waze.

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Easy to access and operate

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Our services are specifically designed to be user-friendly and used by people in the easiest way. Access and payment enabled via Apps, RFID cards or credit cards, with 24/7 customer support.

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Our approach



We install our chargers to last for 10+ years and we select, for each project, the best solution from top producers (Alpitronic, Wallbox, Kempower, and others). We ensure maximum reliability – over 95%.

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How big is a fastcharging station?


We offer modular and expandable solutions, from small to large, to meet both drivers’ needs and partners’ requirements.

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Unique Charging Station design


Our next-generation charging stations rely on unique technologies. While fully integrated into local microgrids, they also feature storage solutions and solar canopies, allowing charging costs optimization and offering a seamless charging experience. As a plus, Bertone Design, the most iconic Italian design agency, signs the station appearance.

Immersive Experience

About us


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Who We are

At Atlante, we are a team of passionate people, a young and dynamic company with just one purpose: supporting the transition towards zero-emissions driving by building and operating public charging stations for electric vehicles.  We are also bold: we are developing the largest fast and ultra-fast charging network in Southern Europe – 100% powered by renewables, enhanced by storage and photovoltaic. We are part of NHOA Group – a global leader in energy storage – which has pledged hundreds of millions towards our mission. Last but not least, we have been entrusted by the European Union to develop ultra-fast charging stations along the main transport corridors in our four countries through ad-hoc funding.

Our Mission

We empower people to move freely and explore new horizons while enjoying a better and more sustainable future, in harmony with our planet.


We are together addressing the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced: inverting the course of global warming.

We will responsibly create the largest network of intelligent, fastcharging stations for electric vehicles in Europe fully powered by green energy, enabled by storage technologies.

Writing a better future for the next generation living in harmony with our planet.

All Atlanters together will get this amazing thing done.


We are more than Atlante. We are Atlanters. We believe in the power of progress and continuous improvement.

And we see Electric Vehicles as a necessary pathway to positive change. But we also know that, for the green revolution to work, electric mobility must guarantee freedom for all. And such freedom must go hand in hand with responsibility.

So, together, we strive to usher in a bold new era of zero-emission driving.

And to give drivers the freedom to keep moving. By building a solid, reliable, fast-charging green-energy infrastructure.



sustainable numbers

0electric km

traveled thanks to Atlante’s renewable energy

0tons of CO2 avoided

that would have otherwise been released if an internal combustion vehicle had been used for the same journey

For discovering additional environmental contributions, equivalencies, and assumptions, visit the Sustainability webpage

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Find the most common questions quickly answered, if for some reason your question is not here, feel free to contact us.

Atlante is a company fully dedicated to developing, building and operating EV charging stations. Our stations are open to all EVs and fully powered by renewable energy. We focus on fast and ultra-fast charging solutions, mainly along high traffic routes / destinations.
We are electrifying the South of Europe and we operate in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.
Atlante was created and is fully owned by NHOA Group – global player in energy storage and e-mobility which is listed on Euronext Paris regulated market (NHOA.PA). NHOA Group provided the initial funding and will continue to support the development of Atlante. Furthermore, Atlante has gained the support of EU’s CEF Transport funding program (approx. €73m) as well as the support of France’s Groupe Caisse des Dépôts (approx. €20m) to co-fund the opening of fast and ultra-fast charging stations along Southern Europe’s main transport routes.

The difference between AC and DC: AC charging is provided on the T2 socket. DC charging is provided on socket CCS2 and CHAdeMO. DC charging is faster.
It is necessary to know which socket your vehicle needs to select the correct one.
To optimize your battery life, car manufacturers recommend to start the charge at around 20% and stop around 80%.
Depending on our charging station, you can find the following types of connectors: CCS combo 2, AC Type 2 and Chademo.
Our network provides:
  • DC connectors for fast charge, with built-in cables you can plug directly into your electric vehicle.
  • AC connectors “Type 2”, you must plug in by using your own cable.

It depends on the car and on the charger.
We operate a fastcharging network for Electric Vehicles that allows to recharge the battery in minutes. You can add up to 300 km of range in 20 minutes. This is an average as the charging speed depends on your vehicle type and the level of battery you arrive at the station with.
When the weather is cold, the battery behaves differently! It is nice to pre-heat it before you start charging to speed the recharge. You may have this pre-heat feature in your car, or do a short drive.
Chargers with CCS2 and CHAdeMO sockets have cables integrated with the charger.
As for the T2 socket, it is necessary to use the cable supplied with the vehicle.

Our fastcharging network allows you to recharge your Electric Vehicle’s battery in just a few minutes, thanks to our fast and ultrafast charging stations of up to 400 kW. Note that the actual charging speed will depend on your vehicle type, battery charge level, charger model, and power availability at the site. In cases where multiple vehicles are charging simultaneously, the maximum power may be splitted.
You can easily charge at our Charging Station in 6 steps:

1. Near the charger, the LED on the plug is green: it’s available for you
2. You need to authenticate: use myAtlante app or the Atlante RFiD card. Alternatively you can use a third-party eMobility app (eMSP) or RFiD Card interoperable with our network.
3. Plug the connector to the vehicle
4. The LED is now blue: your vehicle is charging
5. Stop the charging session: use the same method used to start the charge (RFiD card, App)
6. Put the connector back into the charger’s socket

Finding your Atlante charging station is even easier thanks to myAtlante, our new proprietary app. Furthremore, our stations are also geo-referenced by more than 10 eMobility Service Providers (eMSPs). Among the most used eMSPs, it is worth mentioning: Next Charge, Chargemap, Electromaps, EV Way, Shell Recharge, Mobility +, Be Charge, Bump, Charge Now, E-Solution Charging and more. Contact us for the full list. You can also find us on Google Maps and Waze.
If you would like to become a partner, you can take a look at our website page Join Atlante – Contact Us and fill the form.
You can follow the charge on the charger screen to know: time and power delieverd since the charge started, and the real time power delivered. If you authenticate with an eMSP (eMobility Service Provider), you can also use it to follow your recharge information.