Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy forms an integral part of the Atlante’s Privacy Policy available here .

1. Definitions, characteristics and applicable law

1.1 Cookies are small text files that can be sent and stored on your computer or mobile device by websites you visit, and then sent back to the same sites when you visit them again. Thanks to these cookies, websites can ‘store’ your actions and preferences (e.g. login data, language, font size, other display settings, etc.) so that you do not have to configure them again the next time you visit the website or when you change pages within a website.

1.2 Cookies are therefore used for electronic authentication, session tracking and storing information about user activities while accessing a website. They may also contain a unique ID code that allows tracking of the user’s browsing activities within a website for statistical or advertising purposes. Certain operations within a website may not be carried out without the use of cookies, which in some cases are technically necessary for the website to function.

1.3 When browsing a website, the user may also receive cookies from websites or web servers other than the website visited (e.g. third-party cookies).

1.4 There are different types of cookies, depending on their characteristics and functions, which can be stored on your computer or mobile device for different periods of time: “session cookies”, which are automatically deleted when you close your browser, and “persistent cookies”, which remain on your device until the end of the pre-set expiry period.

1.5 Pursuant to current data protection legislation, the user’s explicit consent is not always required for the use of cookies. In particular, “technical cookies” – e.g. cookies used exclusively for the transmission of messages on an electronic communication network, or in any case strictly necessary to provide a service explicitly requested by the user – do not require the user’s consent. In other words, cookies that are indispensable for the operation of the Site or necessary to perform activities requested by the user may be used without the user’s consent. Cookies that can be used without consent include the following:

  • technical cookies, which allow users to navigate a website according to a set of selected criteria (e.g. a certain language, products selected for purchase, etc.), in order to improve the services rendered to such users. This category includes navigation, browsing and session cookies, used to identify and authenticate users of a website;
  • analytical cookies, used directly by a website operator to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they use a website. The data collected is anonymised;
  • preference cookies: these cookies allow a website to remember choices that a user has made in the past, such as their preferred language. These preferences are not used to target advertising content or to analyse specific user choices.

On the other hand, ‘social and profiling cookies’ – e.g. those used to create profiles on users and to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by users when browsing websites – always require the user’s prior consent.

2. Types of cookies used by the Website

2.1 The Website uses the following categories of cookies:

  • technical cookies, which include browsing, session and navigation cookies, which are strictly necessary for the functioning of the Website and/or to allow the use of the Website’s contents and services, and functionality cookies, which are used to activate specific functions of the Website and to configure it according to the user’s choices (e.g. language), in order to improve the experience;
  • aggregate/anonymous analytical cookies, which allow Atlante to understand how users use the Website and to monitor traffic to and from the Website. The information collected by these cookies is processed in an aggregate and anonymous format, without collecting information about your specific ID, therefore, the use of these cookies does not entail the use of your Personal Data;
  • preference cookies: these cookies allow a website to remember choices made by the user in the past, such as preferred language;
  • social and profiling cookies, used to observe the preferences expressed by the user through the use of the Website and to send him advertising messages in line with these preferences. These cookies, whether Atlante’s or third party’s, are carefully selected and controlled and serve to ensure that the marketing messages received through our Website, or other websites used by Atlante to transmit its advertising messages, are in line with the visitor’s preferences. Our advertising policy is designed to deliver relevant messages based on previous visits to our Website, the pages most frequently visited and other visitor data. These cookies, when used in conjunction with other information about you, such as how you use our products and/or services, allow us to recognise when you log in and to send you personalised marketing messages in line with your preferences. On the Website you can also find social buttons/widgets, e.g. those particular ‘buttons’ that represent the icons of social networks (e.g. Facebook and Twitter). These ‘buttons’ allow users browsing the site to reach and interact with social networks directly with a ‘click’.

2.2 Atlante also uses third party cookies, e.g. cookies coming from websites/web servers other than the Website, used for specific purposes of the third parties that own such websites/web servers (including user profiling). These third parties will typically be considered autonomous data controllers of their cookies, and you should therefore refer to their privacy policies, notices or other materials to obtain more information about them. Atlante cannot control or ascertain the use that these third parties may do of third party cookies, nor their exact characteristics or purposes.

2.3 The following section lists links to information about third party cookies:

  • Google’s privacy policy is available at the following link;
  • Meta’s privacy policy is available at the following link;
  • Linkedin’s privacy policy is available at the following link.

3. Pixel Tags

3.1 Pixel tags are usually transparent graphic images that can be inserted into a website or e-mail.

3.2 On the Site, Atlante uses pixel tags from Criteo and Double Click that detect the IP address of the computer from which the page was opened, the URL of the page, the time the page was visited and the type of browser used, in addition to detecting the value of a previously inserted cookie in order to identify the user’s preferences and send personalised advertising messages.

3.3 For further information and to find out how you can refuse the installation of Criteo’s pixel tags, please see Criteo’s privacy policy (

3.4 Furthermore, Atlante uses pixel tags in e-mails sent to users for statistical purposes and in particular to detect the number of users reading the e-mails sent.

4. First party cookie installed on the Site

OwnerTechnical name of cookiesType of cookieFunction and purposeDuration
AtlanteCookieLawInfoConsentTechnicalThe cookie is used to store a summary of the consent given for the use of the cookie.11 months
Atlantecookielawinfo-checkbox-advertisementTechnicalIt stores the user’s cookie consent status for the current domain. technical navigation cookies.11 months
Atlantecookielawinfo-checkbox-othersTechnicalThis cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. The cookie is used to store the user’s consent for cookies in the ‘Other’ category.11 months
Atlantecookielawinfo-checkbox-analyticsTechnicalThis cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. The cookie is used to store the user’s consent for cookies in the ‘Analysis’ category.11 months
Atlantecookielawinfo-checkbox-performanceTechnicalThis cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. The cookie is used to store the user’s consent for cookies in the ‘Performance’ category.11 months
Atlantecookielawinfo-checkbox-functionalTechnicalThe cookie is set by the GDPR cookie to record the user’s consent for cookies in the ‘Functional’ category.11 months
Atlantecookielawinfo-checkbox-necessaryTechnicalThis cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Cookies are used to store the user’s consent for cookies in the ‘Necessary’ category.11 months

5. Third-party cookies and other tracking tools on the website

OwnerTechnical name of cookiesType of cookieFunction and purposeDuration
Google1P_JARAnalyticalIt stores the users’ preferences and information every time they visit web pages containing Google services.1 month
GoogleOTZAnalyticalThe ‘OTZ’ cookie is used by Google Analytics to track information on Website’s traffic.1 month
GoogleAECTechnicalCookies used to ensure that requests within a browsing session are made by the user and not by other websites. These cookies prevent malicious sites from acting without your knowledge and on your behalf.6 months
GoogleSOCSAnalyticalUsed to store the status of a user’s cookie choices.13 months
GoogleCONSENTAnalyticalIt stores the status of a user’s cookie choices.13 months
GoogleDVSocial and profilingThese cookies are used to collect information on how visitors use the Website.1 day
GoogleNIDAnalyticalThe cookie contains a unique ID that Google uses to remember your preferences and other information, such as your preferred language (e.g. Italian), how many search results you want to display per page (e.g. 10 or 20) and whether you want the Google’s SafeSearch filter to be activated.6 months
GoogleTag ManagerProfilingTag Manager is a Google tool that allows code snippets (called tags) to be installed within the HTML pages of a website. This makes it possible to implement tracking codes, tracking events, and other types of tags useful for tracking data on a website (or app).[ICTLC1] [ICTLC2]  2 years
Google_gaAnalyticalThis cookie name is associated with Google Analytics. This cookie is used to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly generated number as the client identifier. It is included in every page request of a site and is used to calculate visitor, session and campaign data for site analysis reports. 2 years
Google_ga_PCP8TJDK7VAnalyticalThis cookie is used by Google Analytics to maintain the state of the session. 2 years
Google_gidAnalyticalThis cookie is set by Google Analytics. It stores and updates a unique value for each page visited and is used to count and track page views. 24 hours
YouTubeYSCAnalyticsThis cookie is set by YouTube to keep track of views of embedded videos. Expires at the end of the session
Google_gcl_auSocial and profilingUsed to measure ad and campaign performance and conversion rates for Google ads on a visited site. 3 months
Google_gcl_awSocial and profilingUsed by Google Ads to understand user interactions with the site and advertising.3 months
DoubleClickTest_cookieSocial and profilingThis cookie is set by DoubleClick (owned by Google) to determine whether the website visitor’s browser supports cookies.15 minutes
DoubleClickIDESocial and profilingThis cookie is owned by Doubleclick (Google). The main activity is: Doubleclick is Google’s real-time bidding exchange360 days
LinkedinIn_orAnalyticalIt records statistical data on user behaviour on the website. These are used for internal analysis by the site operator.1 day
LinkedinAnalyticsSyncHistoryAnalyticalUsed in the context of data synchronisation with a third-party analysis service.30 days
LinkedinbcookieSocial and profilingUsed by the social networking service LinkedIn to track the use of integrated services.1 year
Linkedinli_sugrSocial and profilingIt collects data on user behaviour and interaction in order to optimise the site and make the advertising displayed more relevant.3 months
Linkedinlms_adsSocial and profilingUsed to identify LinkedIn users outside LinkedIn for advertising purposes.30 days
Linkedinlms_analyticsAnalyticalUsed to identify LinkedIn users outside LinkedIn for analysis purposes.30 days
Linkedinli_fat_idSocial and profilingUsed to make a probabilistic association of the user’s identity outside the designated countries.90 days
Meta_fbpSocial and profilingUsed by Facebook to provide a range of advertising products such as real-time offers from third-party advertisers.3 months
MetafrSocial and profilingFacebook Ad Targeting Cookie.3 months
Account Engagement (Salesforce)visitor_id<accountid>TechnicalThe visitor_id cookie includes a unique visitor ID and the unique identifier of your business unit. For example, the visitor_id12345 cookie stores the visitor ID 1010101010. The account identifier, 12345, ensures that the visitor is tracked to the correct business unit. The visitor identifier is the visitor_id of your business unit. This cookie is set for visitors by the Account Engagement tracking code.1 year
Account Engagement (Salesforce)pi_opt_in<accountid>AnalyticalIf the Opt-in Tracking preferences are enabled, the pi_opt_in cookie is set to true or false when the visitor chooses to opt in or out of tracking. If the visitor chooses to opt-in, the value is set to true and the visitor is registered and tracked. If the visitor opts out or ignores the opt-in banner, the value of the opt-in cookie is set to false. The visitor’s cookie is disabled and the visitor is not tracked.1 year
Account Engagement (Salesforce)visitor_id<accountid>-hashTechnicalThe visitor hash cookie contains the account ID and stores a unique hash. For example, the visitor_id12345-hash cookie stores the hash “855c3697d9979e78ac404c4ba2c66533”, and the account ID is 12345. This cookie is a security measure to ensure that a malicious user cannot pretend to be a visitor and gain access to the prospect’s information.1 year
Account Engagement (Salesforce)lpv<accountid>TechnicalThis LPV cookie is set to prevent multiple page views being tracked on a single resource within a 30-minute session. For example, if a visitor reloads a landing page multiple times within a 30-minute period, this cookie prevents each reload from being tracked as a page view.1 year
Account Engagement (Salesforce)pardotAnalyticalA session cookie called Pardot is set in the browser when logging in as a user or when a visitor accesses a form, landing page or page with an Account Engagement tracking code. The cookie indicates an active session and is not used for tracking purposes.1 year

6. Cookies settings

6.1 Technical and analytical cookies

WARNING ON COOKIES’ SETTING: If you block or delete the technical cookies used by the Website, navigation on the Website might be impossible, certain services or functions of the Website might become unavailable or other malfunctions might occur, in which case you will have to change or manually enter certain information or preferences each time you visit the Website.

6.2 Technical Cookies

They do not require the user’s prior consent to be used, but can be deactivated as indicated below in the Browsing Options section.

6.3 Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies, being aggregated/anonymous, are considered technical cookies; they do not require the user’s consent, but can be deactivated at any time.

6.4 Social and profiling cookies

Change your preferences

6.5 Preference cookies

These cookies allow the site to provide advanced functionality and personalisation. They may be set by us or by third party providers whose services have been added to our pages. If you do not accept these cookies, some or all services may not function properly.

Change your preferences

6.6 Browser options

You can also block or delete all or some of the cookies used on the Website through your browser options. Your cookie preferences will be reset if you use different browsers to access the Website. For more information on how to set your cookie preferences via your browser, please refer to the following instructions:

Internet Explorer




Microsoft Edge

Notwithstanding the above, you are informed of the possibility of using information on YourOnlineChoices (EU), Network Advertising Initiative (USA) and Digital Advertising Alliance (USA), DAAC (Canada), DDAI (Japan) or other similar services. Through these services it is possible to manage the tracking preferences of most advertising tools. Therefore Atlante recommends to use these resources in addition to the information provided herein.