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We are developing the largest fast and ultra-fast charging network in Southern Europe, 100% powered by renewables.


Responsibility is not a concept. It’s in our words, our actions, and our very being.

Our vision


We are together addressing the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced: inverting the course of global warming.
We will responsibly create the largest network of intelligent, fastcharging stations for electric vehicles in Europe fully powered by green energy, enabled by storage technologies.
Writing a better future for the next generation living in harmony with our planet.


All Atlanters together will get this amazing thing done.



We empower people to move freely and explore new horizons while enjoying a better and more sustainable future, in harmony with our planet.



sustainable numbers*

0electric km

traveled thanks to Atlante’s renewable energy

0tons of CO2 avoided

that would have otherwise been released if an internal combustion vehicle had been used for the same journey

They are a tangible testament to our journey towards an energy transition with zero emissions.

Every kWh delivered by us to enable you to travel electric kilometers contributes to ensuring a cleaner future.

With our history and our innovative activities characterized by an ecological sustainable DNA, we contribute day after day to creating a planet that breathes more freely.

We make sure that every journey counts!

Energy supplied by our Atlante charging points is 100% certified green through origin certificates, guaranting renewable sourcing.

Do you know how you could positively contribute with us to shape a more sustainable, greener and cleaner world at each charging session?

Your charging session with Atlante contributes to avoid on average 21 kg of CO₂ almost equivalent to:

9 liters of gasoline or 8 liters of diesel

that would have otherwise been burnt by internal combustion vehicles for the same journey

100 m2 of forest

that would be needed every year to adsorb the same amount of CO2 released by internal combustion vehicles

In addition, remember that by driving an electric car you can:

Help to reduce the noise pollution associated with vehicular traffic strongly

Access to the most restricted areas in your city

Park for free in some areas (e.g. toll and/or residents areas)


We are a Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Driven Company, 100% focused on the green energy transition, striving to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all. We contribute the most to SDG 3, 5, 7, 11, 8, 9, 13 and 17 and this is a source of pride for all of us. At Atlante, we take our responsibilities seriously, and we know that our business can only succeed if we operate in a sustainable, safe and responsible way.

Sustainable by Nature


Sustainability is at the core of Atlante’s mission: we are supporting Europe’s commitment to switch to zero-emissions driving by 2035. We extend the sustainability commitment to our operations by minimizing the impact of our activities, promoting the most efficient use of resources throughout our value chain, assessing the life-cycle impact of products and services, reducing or off-setting the carbon footprint, ensuring appropriate waste recycling and promoting circular economy initiatives. We work with partners and suppliers to ensure they also embrace our values.

Passion for people


We firmly believe that we can pursue our business objectives while holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We apply the same clear and simple motto of “Zero Compromises” to the areas of ethics and compliance. We foster a workplace where honesty, integrity, and respect are paramount.
We firmly believe that ethical conduct, transparency, and accountability are not only integral to our success but also vital for the well-being of all Atlanters our stakeholders and the communities we serve.



We promote an agile and flexible organization with the right work-life balance, fostering inclusion and celebrating every form of diversity. We recognize that every Atlanter is a valuable resource for its growth and is committed to their personal and professional growth through the Family Working and NHOA Élite Program which includes physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, performance optimization and Diversity & Inclusion initiatives.

Innovation Excellence


We pursue excellence in every aspect of our work, from technology know-how, development, and selection to service delivery. We strive to maintain the highest quality standards with the ultimate objective of our customers’ total satisfaction. We aim to enhance and value our people, promoting the development and growth of every Atlanter, recognizing that they are integral to Atlante’s success and to our continuous improvement.


Atlante has approved a 3 Year Action Plan 2023-2025 that includes actions to improve Atlante’s sustainability performances and initiatives, to capture the business opportunities and mitigate the risks ahead. Atlante’s commitment on Sustainability reflects the Vision of Nhoa Group described in the periodical Sustainability Report.

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ISO Certification 9001 (Quality), 14001 (Environment) and 45001 (Health&Safety)

Achieved for Italy in September 2023, Atlante is going to extend this goal to Spain, France and Portugal by 2024.



To be Achieved by 2024. GRESB is a mission driven and investor led organization providing standardized and validated Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data to the capital markets for infrastructures sector.



To be Achieved by 2024. CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) is the most widely adopted climate-related disclosure framework globally. This is likely due to investors’ requests to investees to ensure transparency regarding their decarbonization strategies.


Diversity & Inclusion

According to NHOA Values, Atlante promotes an agile and flexible organization with the right work-life balance, fostering inclusion and celebrating every form of diversity. We recognize that every Atlanter is a valuable resource for Atlante’s growth, and we are committed to their personal and professional development.


ESG risk assessment fully integrated in our business

Atlante has included ESG topics in its Strategic Risk Assessment, including climate change strategy.


Cybersecurity Certification

To be Achieved by 2024. Atlante is working to achieve this certification in accordance with the standard UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 27001 certifying the ability of Atlante to be resilient against possible situations of Cyber-attack or internal incidents.

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Eden reforestation & bizaway travel compensation

A significant part of our company-related emissions is related to business travel. To tackle this problem, in 2021 we decided to make our travel more sustainable by participating in the Eden Reforestation Projects initiative.

Atlanters Forest

Atlante has partnered with Treedom to plant trees around the world to reinforce its daily commitment to reduce global CO2 emissions by contributing to the energy transition. On these actions, Atlas has based its mission, which is to shape the future of future generations in harmony with the planet. To date, the forest comprises 400 trees on three continents: South America, Africa and Asia. Over its lifetime, the Atlanters forest will absorb 91.55 tonnes of CO2.

Plastic & Paper-free policy

As of 2019, we have implemented a strict plastic & paper-free policy in all our offices. The policy includes removing plastic bottles from vending machines and replacing them with microfiltered water dispensers. We have also replaced disposable cups with biodegradable, washable or glass alternatives. To further reduce waste, we have distributed reusable water bottles to our employees and purchased compostable coffee pods.

Atlante & Mastercard Priceless Planet Coalition

From September 2023, Atlante has joined Mastercard Priceless Planet Coalition, the global reforestation programme that aims to plant 100 million trees in collaboration with Conservation International and the World Resources Institute, international organisations that have been working for years in forest protection with projects in Brazil, Kenya and Australia, as well as in Europe.

Atlante offsets the CO2. of its events

Atlante has partnered with Rete Clima that supports us in calculating the tonnes of CO2 produced during its events, such as Atlante Days, Safety events, with the aim of offsetting them through internationally certified carbon offset projects.

Atlante to plant 1000 trees with AlberItalia

Atlante joins “Parco Italia”, the national reforestation program developed by Stefano Boeri Architetti and the AlberItalia foundation. Through a dedicated project, Atlante aims to plant 1000 trees in a region hit by natural disaster in Italy.

steps we made


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Atlante HSEQ & Sustainability Policy


In October 2022, Atlante issued its first HSEQ & Sustainability Policy, which was updated in May 2024 to integrate it with sustainable topics, required by GRESB and CDP Reporting.
Our mission and values underpin our commitment to upholding the highest standards of health, safety, environment, quality, and sustainability (HSEQ&S).


Integrated HSEQ Certification

For Iall legal entities, in September 2023 the Atlante’s Integrated Management System (IMS) has been certified according to international standards ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and 45001 (Health&Safety).


IMS has been developed and implemented in AGILE and SMART mode for supporting and improving our daily activities.


Life Cycle Assessment

Atlante is evaluating the environmental impact of one EV-charging infrastructures along its life cycle and Atlante’s potential decarbonization levers of the service provided and the development of a simplified Eco-design tool to assess the infrastructures with a range of associated indicators.

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